Finnradio’s Radio Song of the year 2023

“Numerous songs are and were made during 2023 for charity and good causes. T-K-V’s song is a rollicking and catchy song that works in both Finnish and English.
The song really captivates and truly realizes the power of the eternal saying. Rock – Peace – Love. May freedom win for Ukraine. This is easy to agree with.”

Wild Summer Nights music video 

Kantaan Viidennen music video 

Let the Freedom Rise campaign


About T-K-V

T-K-V builds a rich tapestry of melody driven, energetic classic rock with undisputed influences from the greatest classic rock acts, such as Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, leaning on hard rock, blues and glam.

Kantaan Viidennen is the project’s second single release, the previous song “Let the Freedom Rise” was released as part of a charity campaign that has been organized in cooperation with World Vision Finland and has achieved a nice reception, especially warm in Ukraine.


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