New single Wild Summer Nights June 9th, 2023

T-K-V will release the new single “Wild Summer Nights” on Friday, June 9, globally simultaneously on all major digital distribution platforms.

It is an original version of the song, which was made into a Finnish version of “Kantaan Viidennen” as a campaign for the World Ice Hockey Championships played in May 2023. Now it’s time to focus on the T-K-V project’s main language, English.

The song is catchy, melodic rock, and it tells about how youth and especially the summers of youth appear in our memories as a golden and fairytale-like period when it was “always fun and life was so wonderfully naive and uncomplicated”. Many long for these times, even though memories have, in many cases, distorted reality. Would it be possible to go back to those days one more time, meet all the old friends, visit familiar places, and live in the moment without everyday worries?

The song features:

  • Vocals: Dimitri Keiski
  • Drums: Lacu Lahtinen
  • Saxophone: Pope Puolitaival
  • Trumpet: Jukka Eskola
  • Background vocals: Lena Lindroos, Hannu Leiden
  • Percussion: Eero Kaukomies
  • Guitars, bass, keyboards: TK Virtanen
  • Produced by Hannu Leiden, mixed by Eero Kaukomies and Hannu Leiden, mastered by Svante Forsbäck

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