New single Kantaan Viidennen on April 5, 2023

The song will be released simultaneously globally on all major digital distribution platforms. A music video will also be released for the song, in which, among other things, the players appear as 3D animated characters on the roof of the Nokia Arena, among other fast-paced hockey situations.

The song Kantaan Viidennen got its initial impetus in the studio, when Hannu Leiden, who works as a producer for the T-K-V solo project, suggested that one of the songs he was working on be versioned into Finnish, as a hockey song, because it suited it both in terms of style and potential. Soon a new version was built, a Finnish-language hockey tune, of which Leiden had previously produced a few.

The song was made to raise the spirit for the whole nation, respecting the Finnish national hockey team, Leijona tradition, and to encourage the Leijonas in the fight for the fifth championship in the home games. The song is catchy and melodic classic rock with an emphasis on traditions.

The song features:

  • Vocals: Dimitri Keiski
  • Drums: Lacu Lahtinen
  • Saxophone: Pope Poolitaival
  • Trumpet: Jukka Eskola
  • Background vocals: Lena Lindroos, Hannu Leiden
  • Percussion: Eero Kaukomies
  • Guitars, bass, keyboards: TK Virtanen

In production, the working group is:

  • Producer: Hannu Leiden
  • Recording and mixing: Hannu Leiden and Eero Kaukomies at Sonic Pump Studios
  • Mastering: Svante Forsb├Ąck, Chartmakers
  • Comp: TK Virtanen
  • Lyrics: TK Virtanen and Hannu Leiden
  • Arranged by: Hannu Leiden, Dimitri Keiski, Lacu Lahtinen, Eero Kaukomies, TK Virtanen



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