New music video Kantaan Viidennen on April 27, 2023

T-K-V transformed into an “unofficial 6th chain” of Leijonat before the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Ice Hockey World Championships and released a hockey anthem Kantaan Viidennen. Now T-K-V releases a music video featuring e.g. the main suspects TK Virtanen, Lacu Lahtinen and Dimitri Keiski performing on the roof of Nokia Arena as animated 3D characters.

The song is written to raise the spirit for team Finland, Leijonat and the entire nation, while respecting the Leijonat tradition and supporting Finland to fight for the fifth championship in the May 2023 home games.

The song features:

  • Vocals: Dimitri Keiski
  • Drums: Lacu Lahtinen
  • Saxophone: Pope Puolitaival
  • Trumpet: Jukka Eskola
  • Background vocals: Lena Lindroos, Hannu Leiden
  • Percussion: Eero Kaukomies
  • Guitars, bass, keyboards: TK Virtanen

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