Music video for Wild Summer Nights

Music video for Wild Summer Nights will be released at the same time as the single, June 9th. Artificial intelligence is harnessed to illustrate how the summers of youth feel in mental images. Several different AI technologies have been used in the implementation, and the main idea has been that the role of the director has not been given to the artificial intelligence, but the aim has been to direct the artificial intelligence to achieve the desired result. When defining the story of the lyrics to the AI tool, things had to be done and fine-tuned again and again; for example, our midnight sun is not necessarily something that all engines understand best. The end result was desired and formed cinematic, but partly abstract, and, like memories, inaccurate, but traditional, not futuristic imagery. The final cut is done using traditional methods, but, for example, all the characters and objects appearing in the video are illusions produced by artificial intelligence. Or, maybe it is the memories..



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